One year ago today, Layla started at Empire with y’all!! She could only do a cartwheel. She has come so far in just one year!! Well, to me she has lol!! I’m so thankful for y’all and the great coaches y’all have hired and trained to do such an incredible job with not only Layla but all of the athletes!! We are so excited for season 4!! I love how much being a part of Empire and a team has taught her to come out of her “shy box” she was in. She’s been pushed and encouraged to try new things and when she finally “gets it” she’s so proud of herself and that makes my mama heart just flutter!! Shes learned how to make a commitment to something and stick to it and show up for her team! She’s a great team player and loves everyone she’s with and can’t wait to meet her new teammates! Thank y’all again for everything and for believing in our girl! We love y’all! 💙