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Training Provided by Michael Lee. Services for All School Cheerleading Squads. From Pre-Tryout Planning to Getting Ready for High School Nationals!





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Tryout Week

  • We can provide you with tryout material via video or send some to your school to teach the material at tryouts.
  • We can provide judges and scoresheets.
  • We can also provide mats to ensure a safe tumbling surface for tryouts.

Pre-Tryout Training Sessions

These are great opportunities for you to see how the potential cheerleaders are in a training environment to see their work ethic and potential beyond just tryouts. Some schools use these as an evaluation to be part of the overall tryout scoresheet while others use it to get a sense of stunt group potential.

This can be a one-time clinic or 2-4 sessions over the weeks leading up to tryout week.


Weekly Training Can Be Used for Many Different Purposes

For most squads, weekly training is used for skill development/training, primarily tumbling, but can include stunting, jumps, motions, etc.

For competitive teams, weekly training is used as their focused competitive team practice with a skills coach

Squads that do weekly training receive discounted rates for clinics and camps.


Skill Clinics

Are great ways to boost jumps, tumbling, and building skills at a low cost!
1-5 hour training options available


Are extended training options for squads and can be shared with other squads from the same school or other schools to offset the cost for programs.

1-5 day camp options are available and can be tailored to whatever the squads’ needs are.

Basics and Safety Training Stunt Clinic

These are perfect to do at the beginning of the season to get any team off to a stronger start in the season and to help prevent injuries.

The focus of these clinics can range from various different things based on the needs of the squad, including:

  • Creating Stunt Groups
  • Injury Prevention
  • Grips for Beginner to Elite Stunts
  • Stunt Drills for Squads to Incorporate at Practice
  • Dismount and Baskets
  • And More!

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